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Teyes Eye Skincare & Cosmetics is a budding organic beauty and cosmetics supplier in Liverpool with a global outreach. 

Teyes Eye uses 100% certified cold pressed organic ingredients to produce and deliver a wide range of natural, vegan friendly/ cruelty free skincare and beauty products. Whether you are looking for sensitive skincare products or you’re embarking on a new beauty regime, or simply want to add some natural glow to your skin, you’ve come to the right place-Teyes Eye is the place for you.

Teyes Eye Skincare & Cosmetics offers the highest and purest quality organic products that are specially and carefully sourced and hand-made to offer you the very best of nature’s beauty and protection. 

Fierce PR agency champions creatives, non-profits, and indie businesses with a social impact focus. Offering free DIY PR Action Plans and budget-friendly digital, media and even styling packages they promote fearless self-expression and rebel against the status quo. New clients in 2023 are automatically welcomed into the Fierce Fan Club, an inclusive community of creatives that support each other to find their cult following.  

Sister orgnaisatoin, non-profit Fierce Futures empowers women who have experienced trauma and sexual violence, to raise their aspirations and leveredge untapped potential by  providing safe spaces for fearless self-expression and learning.

Leveraging Creativity and Fearless Self-Expression For Success and Resilience

Join a revolutionary leadership workshop led by maverick entrepreneur and author of “Screw the Status Quo,” Anna Grace Du Noyer.

This transformative workshop encourages participants to leverage their creativity, compassion and equality, to uncover untapped potential in female leaders and their teams. Anna is a creative powerhouse, boldly challenging convention to build innovative portfolio brands including Fierce PR agency and vintage fashion label Fierce Wife.

Unleash your fierce, develop your personal brand, and cultivate an inclusive, avant-garde workplace that values individuality and meaningful contributions through fearless self-expression.