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The Visionary Woman Global Convention and Expo will bring together over 200 visionary women, transformational leaders, authors, experts, leading authorities, female-led businesses and entrepreneurs from across the nation and globe; and provide a unique platform and diverse opportunities for them to connect, network, learn, share knowledge and best practices that will empower visionary women/ leaders with the tools/resources and blueprint to thrive in challenging times and take their leadership, businesses, careers and brands to a new level of growth, global reach and sustainability.

The Theme of this year’s Global Convention is “The Visionary Woman: Moved by Purpose and Not by Sight”.


A unique feature of this year’s Global Convention is the official launch of The Visionary Woman: Moved by Purpose and Not by Sight Bestselling book written by nine visionary women from across the globe in collaboration with Leading Empowerment & Transformation Authority, Dr Sylvia Forchap-Likambi; a timeless bestselling book with a goal to inspire and birth audacious visionaries and purpose-driven leaders of unwavering faith and confidence, who are not moved by sight or fear, but by conviction and purpose. The book reveals a timeless message of vision, purpose, hope, tenacity, resilience, courage, faith and transformational leadership, which fits in with the theme of this year’s Global Convention. The authors, who are also key speakers/ panelists at the Global Convention and Expo 2022 will share their diverse and inspirational journeys, success blueprint, and stories of tenacity, resilience, courage, faith, and leadership with our delegates on the day and be available to sign autographed copies of their books.

The Convention will end with a Special Awards Ceremony and Dinner in the evening to honour and celebrate.

Over the last eight years, Global Visionary Women Network in association with Award-winning Leading Female Empowerment and Transformation Organization, Voice of Nations and partners has organized world class events, which is evident by the high caliber and diversity of our speakers and global ambassadors and female visionaries who are pioneers and leading experts/ authorities in their fields. Our key speakers are influencers and decision makers with the ability to attract, inspire and influence national/global change.

We are a unique global network, and the first of its kind ever set up in Liverpool/UK, with a global perspective and vision, to foster and encourage global female empowerment, leadership, and transformation, through the provision of a global platform for national and international collaborations, knowledge exchange and investment opportunities. Our global conventions and National Leadership summits, provide members, visionaries, entrepreneurs, businesses and sponsors with the unique opportunity to connect, collaborate, share good practices and promote/expand their services/products and businesses to potential local and global stakeholders/partners.


Dr. Sylvia Forchap-Likambi (HOST)

Dr. Sylvia Forchap-Likambi is a visionary, multi-award-winning leading empowerment and transformation authority, transformational Speaker/ Coach, and six-times international best-selling author; specialized in the delivery of very high quality/cutting-edge empowerment and revolutionary leadership and transformation programs. She Founder/Global Chair of The Global Visionary Women Network, Founder and CEO of “Behaviour Changed” Award Winning Community Interest Company, Voice of Nations; and Global CEO/Consultant of Dr Sylvia Likambi International/ Dr Sylvia Likambi International Health & Wellbeing Clinic.

Over the years, she has coached, empowered, inspired, and positively impacted/ transformed over 1.5 million lives globally, thousands of female entrepreneurs, and relentlessly empowered many to come out of addictions, depression, get into training, volunteering, employment/self-employment, leadership roles; and also offered them several of such opportunities through her organizations.

She grew up in Cameroon, and later moved to Italy where she earned a Doctor of Pharmacy degree and a PhD degree. She was awarded the Italian Ministry of Higher Education and Research scholarship for excellence, and the Australian- Europe Scholarships to accomplish a year’s collaboration with the University of Sydney (Nepean Hospital). At completion of her PhD in Australia and Italy, she worked as Postdoctoral Researcher in Italy and the UK; and became Honorary Research Associate with the Royal Liverpool University Hospital in 2008, and a member of The European Hematology Association in 2009. Sylvia has participated immensely in leukaemia research and is author/co-author in a number of international peer reviewed journals. She is also an ILM certified executive and business/Life Coach and a bestselling author. She was the winner of Honorary Award for Exemplary Professional Leadership Recognition at the Enterprise Minds Awards 2018, The Positive Role Model for Gender Award at The UK National Diversity Awards 2016, and multiple nominee/ finalist for Mentoring Champion of the Year at The SEN Powerful Together Awards 2012-2014,and The Member’s Choice Awards in 2012 and 2013 (which celebrates the achievements of an individual who can demonstrate their commitment and contribution to the world of social enterprise, and critically, how they have enabled entrepreneurs to achieve their goals and aspirations).

She brings a very unique and dynamic blend of inspiration, purpose, empowerment, and transformation in her mentoring, coaching, and engagements; that has the potential of transforming the most dormant/negative mindset into a highly productive/positive and dynamic mindset, capable of setting and achieving any life goal.

She is a strong believer of the fact that as leaders we are called to serve rather than being served, and that to whom much is given much is expected. As a result, she endlessly embarks on a selfless journey of service and giving back to her community without an expectation of being financially rewarded or praised. Her greatest reward is in the satisfaction she gets from experiencing lives being transformed as a result of her humble service to humanity

Her ethnicity, life experiences, educational background, resilient nature, and down to earth personality has given her the tremendous opportunity and privilege to serve and interact with some of the most deprived and underprivileged within diverse cultures, educational backgrounds, and communities; inspiring and challenging them to step forth confidently to unleash their untapped potentials and fulfil their dreams, regardless of their background, gender or circumstances

She has also delivered several successful and life transforming revolutionary leadership, empowerment programs for VON (leading it to earn the prestigious SEN Behaviour Changed Award in 2013), WEA, and a host of commissioned projects nationally and internationally. She has featured on several national and international Radio and TV stations, to speak on the theme of female empowerment, entrepreneurship, leadership, and other topics; and been guest/ keynote speaker to several audiences, ranging from community groups to universities. For more information on Dr Sylvia Forchap-Likambi


HRH Queen Naa Tsotsoo Soyoo I

Having won global recognition for her work, teachings, strategic leadership, business acumen and community engagement, Queen Naa has evolved her work into focusing on steering the next generation of Female Traditional and Conventional Leaders, building their capacity and introducing the concept of Strategic, dynamic, Diplomatic Leadership.

Queen Naa holds a degree in Law, Politics and International Studies, Diploma in Real Estate Management, Post-graduates in Real Estate and Project Management, Qualifications in Global Diplomacy, Citizenship & Rule of Law, Internal Displacement & Conflict Resolution and Human Rights in Open Societies.

Aside from her position as Matron of the Global Visionary Women Network, Queen Naa is the CEO of Fortune Global Business and Founder the Global Conference of Empowered Dynamic Women (GLOCED), Ten Talents Networks and The Soyoo Foundation. She sits on the panel of the UK’s Africa Diaspora Malaria Initiative (ADMI) and is the first female President of the National Council of Ghanaian Unions.

Queen Naa is mother to Princess Ewura-ama Dedei Adjorbo and Prince Nana Shikatse.

Angela Preston

Angela Preston is an international best selling author, motivational and keynote speaker, and business coach, and is the founder of Angela Preston Coaching, which aims to coach business owners and entrepreneurs in setting and accomplishing their goals. She is also a radio host and as recent as last year staged her debut play; A Time To Leave.

Dr. Anikphe

Dr. Anikphe qualified as a medical doctor in 1994, and is trained as a general physician and transplant nephrologist. Over the years, she has practiced in Nigeria, Ghana, the United States of America and United Kingdom. She is currently involved in missionary work in the Northwest of England.

Neva Brooks

Neva Brooks is the Diamond Sharp Certified Life Coach, founder and CEO of Diamond Sharp Coaching, LLC. By supporting professional, creative women, we navigate from the conflicts of life to places of confidence, freedom, and clarity. Neva is also a Registered Nurse and walks the journey of clarity with Nurses especially during this unprecedented time for those in the healthcare industry. She leads Diamonds Sharpens Diamonds™ a women’s support ministry. Through this ministry thousands of socks are donated to women and children in shelters and schools. This initiative is affectionately called “Sock It To Me.”

Licensed and ordained as a Minister in the Christian Faith, Neva can be found expounding upon and teaching the concepts, and precepts of the Holy Bible. One of her passions, and assignments from God, is preaching the Gospel of Jesus The Christ. She is effective in presenting women’s workshops, an accomplished conference presenter and Keynote speaker. She is a US Army Nurse Corp Veteran and serves as a Christian Medical Missionary in Lima Peru, South America and Ghana West Africa. Here’s a fun fact: She loves officiating destination weddings!

She has earned BSN, BSBA, MBA degrees and multiple certifications in the Mental Wellness and Business fields. She is a published author, poet and contributor: “Riley in Memoriam” Poets of Indiana, “Centered in Christ, Steadfast and Immovable” Devotional Volume 1; “Transformation YOU” Magazine, Dr Claude Dangerfield. Soon to be released Ghana 2022 Testimony and Prayer Journal and The Visionary Woman: Moved by Purpose and Not by Sight.

Ellen Mandizvidza

Founder and CEO of Road To Success Academy which strives to provide quality childcare for children. Road To Success Academy believes in providing programs that truly enhance the emotional, social, physical and intellectual growth of young children. Ellen is also a coach.

Blanka Volna

Blanka Volna is a Test Analyst at UST Global, an international digital technology services provider, who is passionate about behaviour and human-computer interaction. Blanka is also a Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) Hypnotherapist and coach.

Thelma Birchall

Thelma Birchall is an accredited nutritionist registered with the Association for Nutrition and a wellbeing coach. She is very passionate about coaching and empowering people to live healthy lifestyles and experience great health and well-being.

She is a wife and mother of 4 lovely, beautiful and kind children.

Thelma obtained her bachelor’s degree in health, wellbeing, and nutrition (Combined Honors) in Liverpool Hope University. In 2017, with three young children, she completed and obtained her Masters in Public Health Nutrition in Liverpool John Moores University.

Thelma has worked in private, public and community settings as a well-being coach and nutritionist.

She has several years of experience working with adults, children and people with disabilities. Her key areas of focus to transform her clients wellbeing are nutrition, diets and physical activities that are linked in with healthy living.

With her non-judgmental approach to food, diets, nutrition , health and life in general, Thelma naturally attracts people of all backgrounds and walks of life who seek her counsel and guidance and mentorship in many ways.

Claire Harvey MBE

Claire is a Global Inclusion Lead at Vodafone

Dr. Bertille

Dr Bertille Nganwa graduated from the University of Pharmaceutical Sciences Ferrara, Italy, in March 2002.

After having worked as an assistant pharmacist in a pharmacy based in Cameroon for two years; she takes the orders of “pharmacist –Replacente” and became manager of another pharmacy in the city of Douala, Cameroon.

From 2006 until 2010 she worked in the pharmaceutical company where she was responsible for the pharmaceutical production of solutes to quality control and packaging of solid forms, capsules and tablets in large manufacturing units in Cameroon, until the sector was closed in 2010. Dr Nganwa then returned to teaching and dispensary until 2016 before embarking on a pioneering health project and founding VILLA VERTE MB, following her accumulated years of professional experience and knowledge:

Latoya Likambi

Latoya Likambi is the founder and CEO of Teyes Eye Skincare & Cosmetics and Co-founder/ mentor at Likambi Global Publishing.

She is 3X International best-selling author, an entrepreneur, and a positive role model for children globally. A highly confident, eloquent, and inspiring young speaker and influencer, with a passion to inspire young people to unleash their creative genius and fulfill their maximum potential.

She is very creative, strong-minded, and a visionary young girl who believes that she and every child is a unique creation of God, with unique and exceptional/ creative abilities and potential to add value to the world.

She wrote her first book at the tender age of 7 – which was published when she turned 10 and has read over 400 books to date!

She has featured on diverse national and international Radio and Television programs/stations to talk about her books and passions and has been a guest speaker at various schools, community groups, business events/ conferences, and in The House of Commons.

Dr. Elizabeth Fon

Born on the 28th of August 1958 as the first born of 10 children to a primary school teacher and his home maker wife in the North-West region of Cameroon.

In form 3 while in the St Bedes secondary school, she plucked up courage to do physics since it was more or less a confirmed fact at the time that girls had to do domestic science to become good housewives while the boys did physics and mathematics to become engineers and doctors. Leadership came knocking early in her life when in form 4, she was appointed the lone Senior Prefect (SP) for boys and girls in a mixed college, ¾ of whom were boys. The boys felt slighted and started planning a strike action. However, in a few short weeks, she convinced the boys that she needed them as her team mates and they worked with her to the end of form five without any conflicts.

She has always done things that she was told only boys should do. That paved the way for her to develop a different mindset on how to interact and work with males in leadership roles because some years out of medical school, she had to head an all-male theatre team in the Bonassama District hospital in Douala.

As the first female DMO (District Medical Officer) of the Bonassama/Djebale/Cap Cameroon health District, she had to lead male colleagues across the Atlantic high sea to control health epidemics on the islands.

All of the above constituted adequate preparation for her when she was appointed the Littoral TB/HIV control program chief, coordinating the activities of 200 nurses/doctors/support staff in 39 treatment centers where about 6,000 TB/HIV patients receive healthcare a year. That gave birth to the TESHO-Team Spirit Holistic program with a mission to teach life skills for stress reduction in Work/Life Balance. She has co-authored two books with her husband; “A Great Husband for a Great Wife” published in 2014 and “RECONCILE? NO WAY! to be released soon.

Born in a remote village, through the grace of God, she has evolved into a female leader who listens to people and meeting people’s needs so they can experience their best life ever is more rewarding than silver and gold.

Chris Emechete

Chris Emechete is the Founder & CEO of 3TOP Aviation Services (3TOP), a UK company specialising in trading commercial aircraft, engines, and associated inventory. Starting the business from nothing, Chris saw an opportunity in the aircraft material supply space and implemented a business model around asset acquisitions and value maximisation from onward disposals. With a strongly focused growth strategy, Chris has created a multi-million dollar company and expanded 3TOP into key markets around the world. Today, 3TOP has a global presence with offices in the UK, USA, UAE, Singapore and India.

3TOP principally trades aircraft assets from key manufacturers such as Boeing, Airbus and Embraer; and has the likes of General Electric, Honeywell, Thales, United Technologies, Air France, Lufthansa, KLM, and many others as vendors and customers. Prior to setting up 3TOP, Chris worked with British Airways, and also enjoyed a stint with the UK civil service.

Born in Reading, Berkshire to Nigerian parents, Chris led a nomadic life and spent many of his early years living in various cities around the world, before settling down in Oxshott, Surrey where he currently resides.

Chris aspires to motivate, educate and contribute towards lifting standards. He describes himself as a student of life, forever learning and always keen to impart knowledge when called upon. He strongly believes in giving back and is involved in various philanthropic and charitable ventures.

Chris graduated with a BSc (Hons), a Post Graduate Diploma, and MBA. He is married to Sylvia, and is blessed with two young daughters, Chanelle and Hazel.

Dr Chief Lady Waynett

Dr Chief Lady Waynett is a positive lifestyle coach, a confidence mentor, an empowerment speaker, a Humanitarian Ambassador; and a Holder of Over 35 International Awards for her humanitarian, philanthropy and Worldwide empowerment contributions, titled with 2 Chieftaincy titles for her overseas philanthropic duties. Lady Waynett was also awarded The Degree of Honorary Doctorate in Human Rights and Humanitarian Issues.

• Founder of The Extraordinary Achievers Charity Awards

Dr Lady Waynett Peters is the:

• Founder of The Extraordinary Achievers Network (TEA))

• Founder of Reclaiming Our Children Back from the Streets (ROC)

• Founder of Loving Our Valued Elders (LOVE)

Jackie Jessamy-Fuller: Technology Resilience Assurance Manager

Highly experienced in reducing Technology Risks and improving resilience of multi domain ‘Always On’ Technology. Proven record for transforming Technology audit and risk functions into highly effective capabilities, working with cross-functional teams and multi-geographical markets to automate Enterprise operational risks and control frameworks.

Extensive experience underpinned by Risk, Security and Compliance Management gained by working across a number of sectors including Utilities, Finance, Media and Local Government. Known for a collaborative approach; focused on driving successful and sustainable business change through motivation, leadership, and empathy.

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