This is an excellent opportunity for you to join our global team of visionaries and leaders, and impact lives worldwide. You can join in so many different capacities and abilities.

  • Sponsorship: You can come on board as a sponsor of one or all of our events.
  • Partnership: You could partner with us in different ways to help us foster and accomplish our global mission and vision.
  • Volunteering: You could join our dedicated team of volunteers and support a worthy cause and vision, while offering you the opportunity to work with a high specialist team and gain outstanding works experience and skills.

Engaging and supporting this Global Vision and Network is an exceptional global opportunity for businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals to demonstrate a corporate/global social responsibility and their support for female education, entrepreneurship and the advancement of the social, economic, and political empowerment of women globally, while expanding and promoting their services and businesses to this target group/market and be recognised for that.

You can become a volunteer, delivery partner or sponsor. We have standard sponsorship packages, or you can contact us to develop a bespoke sponsorship pack, to suit your specific needs and marketing objectives.