Welcome Message by Founder and Global Chair
Dr Sylvia Forchap Likambi

Here is the Founder’s welcome message:

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Hello and Welcome to the official website of The Global Visionary Women Network (GVWN). I am Dr Sylvia Forchap Likambi, The Founder and Global Chair of Global Visionary Women Network (GVWN), and it’s a great pleasure and honour to have you here today! I hope you have a wonderful experience and be highly inspired and empowered to unleash the greatness within you as you leave this website!

We are a very unique and revolutionary global network that unites visionary women from all walks of life and nations to empower and transform the ordinary girl child and woman into extraordinary citizens and leaders of purpose.

I had a dream, I had a vision…that someday, every female child worldwide would become aware of her authentic identity, worth and potential, and take full control and responsibility of her life, regardless of her skin colour, background, culture, religion, or the circumstances surrounding her.

She will be able to make fundamental choices and decisions that will shape and determine her life and destiny, and not let man or society shape and determine these for her. And that time is here and it is now, when we must not and cannot afford any longer to wait for change to come to us, or for someone to advocate on our behalf…we must pave the way, and become the change we want to see, the change we have been waiting for… the change we seek, the change we need, and the change the world needs.”

“Woman, Arise! You are the one you have been waiting for; you are the one the world has been waiting! You cannot change things by fighting the existing ones…you cannot change the current situation of poverty, illiteracy, hatred, violence, inequality, injustice, etc, by fighting these things, you must envisage and create new models that will bring wealth, education, love, peace, equality, and justice, and make the previous obsolete!

This is the time, when, we cannot afford any longer to keep protesting and asking the darkness in our lives, families, communities, cities, nations, and world to go away…rather it is the perfect opportunity and moment for us to turn on the lights in our lives, families, communities, cities, nations, and why not our world?

You may ask why you, why us? But I ask why not you? Why not us? As a woman, or as women, we are blessed and privileged to be divinely chosen and destined to be the sole vessel through which every single human on planet earth must be nurtured and led into the world! Through you, great men and women of all calibre are conceived, nurtured, and led into the world… Arise! Thy seed shall be great!

I dare to address and urge you today to arise and step forth into your rightful position and unleash your authentic identity and purpose of divine creation! This is the time, more than ever before, for you to be empowered and become aware of your authentic identity and true worth and potentials!

In you are concealed the divine wisdom, qualities, and potentials to overcome the current economic hardships, poverty, injustice, abuse and oppression in the world! In you are concealed the divine power and wisdom to conceive and birth a new generation and world!

It is vital and critical for you to conceive a new vision for our world today. For without vision, the people will perish. Without vision, there is no leadership…and without leadership; there could be no transformation…Without Transformation, we are doomed as a people, a nation, and world! We remain trapped in our own inner existential struggles and quests for the true meaning and purpose of our life.

Therefore, you must conceive a new hope today, a new dream, a new vision…nurture and protect it, until the appointed time of travail, and give birth to the new and ideal life and world you so desire…Where all are valued, respected, dignified, and empowered to unleash their full potential, and add value and wealth into our society and world! Woman Arise & Shine! This is your Time!

Do not be conformed to the patterns of this world…but be transformed by the renewal of your mind. As you leave this website today, it is my utmost heart’s desire and hope that your mindset will be transformed and renewed into that of a visionary and victorious leader!

I will like you to leave this site today with this quote from Helen Keller in mind… “The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision”. Helen Keller

My question to you today is: What is your vision? Have you identified it yet? Can you envisage it and relate with it right now and here?

Do not be limited by your sight or past and present experiences or circumstances…Vision is the ability to see beyond these barriers…I assure you there is still hope…Hope of a better and brighter tomorrow…Hope of living your best days and best life ever! Yes there is…If only you could visualize it and believe in it…then it will and must surely come to pass!!! There is not a better Time than Now…Not a better Place than Here…

Arise, look…Look inward and outward…What do you see? Open both you

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