Latoya Likambi: Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Teyes Eye Ltd , Co-Founder, Likambi Global Publishing

Latoya Likambi is a17-year-old 3X International best-selling author, an entrepreneur, and a positive role model for children globally. A highly confident, eloquent, and inspiring young speaker and influencer, with a passion to inspire young people to unleash their creative genius and fulfill their maximum potential. She has a natural entrepreneurial spirit and a keen eye for identifying opportunities to bring her ideas to life.

She is very creative, strong-minded, and a visionary young girl who believes that she and every child is a unique creation of God, with unique and exceptional/ creative abilities and potential to add value to the world.

She wrote her first book at the tender age of seven, which was published when she turned 10 and has read over 500 books to date. Latoya’s passion for writing and storytelling at the tender age of seven, led her to co-found Likambi Global Publishing, where she serves as a mentor to aspiring authors and helps them bring their stories to the world. Through her work at Likambi Global Publishing, Latoya aims to foster a supportive community for writers and empower them to amplify diverse voices in literature.

She was the winner of the Young Entrepreneur Mind Award 2022, The Young Visionary Award 2022, The Extraordinary Achievers “Exceptional Young Achievers Award” 2023 and The Rising Female Leader Award 2024. She has featured on diverse national and international Radio and Television programs/stations to talk about her books and passions and has been a guest speaker at various schools, community groups, business events/ conferences, and in The House of Commons.