Global Women Leadership Summit 2023: A Resounding Triumph of Female Leadership and Global Impact

“Reflecting on the Global Women Leadership Summit; I am grateful and SO inspired by the passion, vision and holistic approach that was so evident in you and your event. Your ability to create a nurturing and intellectually stimulating environment was outstanding. You are truly gifted.”

Liverpool, 04/11/2023 – Global Women Leadership Summit 2023 (GWLS23), the UK’s largest and most diverse gathering of women leaders and visionaries, took place on the 27th and 28th of October 2023 at the state-of-the-art Liverpool Hope University under the dynamic theme “Female Leadership and Global Impact.” This ground-breaking event witnessed influential women leaders, pioneers, and visionaries from diverse backgrounds and nations coming together to champion and foster female leadership. Organized by the Global Visionary Women Network (GVWN), the summit achieved unparalleled success, and the Founder and Global Chair, Dr. Sylvia Forchap-Likambi, expressed her profound gratitude to the event’s sponsors, partners,  volunteers, speakers, and delegates for their invaluable contributions to the summit’s resounding success.

The GWLS23 was a remarkable testament to the power of women in leadership roles and the impact they can have on a global scale. A true celebration of the indomitable spirit of women in leadership roles and their capacity to make a transformative global impact. The summit brought together influential women leaders, innovators, and thought leaders from various backgrounds, sectors, and nations, uniting under a shared commitment to female leadership and global progress. It provided a unique platform for women leaders and male allies to share their experiences, expertise, insights, best practices and strategies for creating a more equitable and inclusive leadership culture and world.

Key Highlights of the Global Women Leadership Summit 2023:

The two day ground-breaking summit began with a powerful and inspiring welcome message, from 17-year-old entrepreneur and best-selling author of four books, Latoya Likambi, who placed emphasis on the importance of empowering young girls and women to unlock their full leadership potential, and the indispensable role of summits like the GWLS23 in championing this and providing access to mentors and positive role models for them. 

GVWN’s Global Chair and the summit host, Dr Sylvia Forchap-Likambi then followed on with a captivating, thought-provoking and transformational keynote, entitled “Unleash the Transformational Leader in You”, leaving the audience mesmerised and positively impacted and inspired to pursue their life purpose and unleash the transformational leader in them.

This was immediately followed by a brief refreshment break and a very engaging, fascinating,  and through-provoking panel discussion on “The role of senior academic leaders and the university in shaping the next generation of female leaders beyond the university”, chaired by Dr Penny Haughan, Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Provost at Liverpool Hope University.

After a superb lunch and networking session, the summit participants delved into some remarkably empowering and inspiring panel discussions that explored indispensable themes, including The Power of Collaboration, Leveraging Technology, and yet another powerful, eloquent and captivating keynote speech, full of wisdom, humour, and vital life lessons, by GVWN’s Matron, HRH Queen Naa Tsotsoo Soyoo I. It was a unique experience of Royalty and relevance.  

What has been an unforgettable and transformative day of inspiration, empowerment and transformation, ended with a pivotal, stimulating, and enlightening panel discussion on “Women in Leadership and Health: Investing in Women’s Health – Resources, Opportunities, and Strategies”, chaired by Dr Ruth Hussey, High Sheriff of Merseyside, which greatly resonated with attendees, sparked some profound discussions, and left everyone yearning for more.

Day two of the ground-breaking summit kicked off promising to be another day of non-stop empowerment, inspiration, connection and transformation, with a brief inspirational welcome message from Dr. Sylvia Forchap-Likambi. This was immediately followed by an empowering and transformative day packed with thought-provoking and dynamic panel discussions on pertinent themes such as, Investing in Women’s Financial Empowerment & Entrepreneurship, The Art of Emotional Intelligence & Leadership and a powerful and exclusive interview, with multi-award-winning leading female entrepreneur and Global Chair of multi-million pound insurance company, Stella Insurance, Sam White, that wowed and captivated the audience, and kept everyone fascinated by her inspirational journey, down-to-earth and authenticity.

Delegates enjoyed another exquisite lunch and networking opportunity, followed by an energetic and captivating  panel discussion, on “Inspiring the Next Generation of Female Leaders and Innovators” which was chaired by, Latoya Likambi, Founder & CEO of Teyes Eye, and featured our youngest speaker ever, the inspirational eight-year-old best-selling author of six books, Destiny Likambi, together with prominent female experts and thought-leaders who shared their invaluable insights; that left the summit attendees and young delegates electrified, astounded, and flabbergasted.

Delegates then immersed in some truly dynamic and cutting-edge workshops, stimulating masterclasses and interactive breakout sessions. Experts and thought leaders shared invaluable insights, addressing various aspects of female leadership, including managing stress and establishing work-life harmony, fearless self-expression; and its far-reaching impact on a global scale. Through these engaging sessions, attendees gained valuable knowledge, inspiration, and strategies to advance their careers, implement impactful initiatives, and thrive in leadership roles.

What has been a powerful two days of “never-seen-before” atmosphere and experience of empowerment, inspiration, transformation and togetherness” as testified by several attendees and speakers, ended up with an exhilarating night of entertainment, Live-music, exquisite three-course dinner and awards ceremony that celebrated outstanding achievements in women’s leadership, recognizing remarkable individuals and influential leaders who are impacting lives and driving positive and sustainable change within their respective fields of leadership and beyond. All award winners will be acknowledged and celebrated in a separate press release next week.

Dr. Sylvia Forchap-Likambi, Founder and Global Chair of the Global Visionary Women Network, expressed her heartfelt appreciation for the summit’s resounding success. She said, “The Global Women Leadership Summit 2023 has surpassed all expectations and set the benchmark for Inclusive and Transformational Leadership, and we are deeply grateful to our sponsors, partners, staff, volunteers, speakers, and the staff at Liverpool Hope University for their unwavering support. This event embodies our vision of empowering women leaders and aspiring leaders to unlock their full leadership potential and fostering inclusive leadership and global collaboration at all levels of leadership. It is a reminder of the remarkable impact women can have when united by a common purpose.”

The GWLS23 underscored the vital role of women and male allies/role models in shaping the world’s future and advancing a more equitable and inclusive society.

Here is what some of our speakers and delegates thought about the event:

“Reflecting on the Global Women Leadership Summit; I am grateful and SO inspired by the passion, vision and holistic approach that was so evident in you and your event. Your ability to create a nurturing and intellectually stimulating environment was outstanding. You are truly gifted.” Anna Grace Du Noyer, Founder & Director Fierce PR– Speaker

“A truly wonderful event that I felt honoured to be part of. Your commitment and dedication to empowering women to keep reaching is amazing to see. So many incredible speakers sharing life changing messages of encouragement.

Every year this event gets bigger and bigger and your message is ever stronger.

Thank you Dr Sylvia Forchap Likambi for your unwavering support to help so many believe the impossible does become the possible when you believe ❤️” Angela Preston, Founder and CEO Angela Prestion Coaching and Mentoring Services – Speaker

“Unforgettable game-changing transformation event of a life time. Try it, Try it and Try it!” Antonio Manuel – Exhibitor

“In my 10+ years of attending events in London and around the country and also organising events, I have never seen or experienced anything of this nature before— It’s the first of its kind, top notch, on a completely different level and of impeccable quality. The speakers, the young visionaries/ your children, the inspirational keynotes, discussions, diversity and empowering atmosphere and warmth, to say the least, were exceptional and top notch.” Ntombi, Delegate.

“I have never seen or experienced anything like this in my entire life and career. A event and environment so diverse in many ways, yet, the atmosphere and experience was that of oneness, togetherness, warmth, empowerment and  life-long learning and transformation. Dr Sylvia, you are a true leader, thank you! The confidence, eloquence and ability of your children, Destiny and Latoya, to inspire both children and adults, left me fascinated and speechless; I should have brought my children. It was an endless learning and life-transforming opportunity for me” Kante, Photographer

For further information about the GWLS23 and upcoming events, please visit the GVWN’s website at or contact us at

About the GVWN: The GVWN is an esteemed organization dedicated to empowering women in leadership roles and aspiring female leaders, and advocating for gender diversity across industries. The network unites visionary women from all walks of life and nations, to empower, and transform the ordinary girl child and woman into extraordinary citizens and leaders of purpose. It serves as a catalyst for connecting visionary women leaders, fostering global collaboration, and promoting a brighter and more equitable future.

Media Contact: Dr Sylvia Forchap-Likambi, Founder and Global Chair of GVWN, Email:, Mobile: +44 (0) 7539216072

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